Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | June 24, 2013

Giver Of All Things

devo mar 18“And I say unto you, ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Luke 11:9 (KJV)


Threatened by collectors, a widow was told to pay her debts or they would take her two sons and sell them into slavery. The drama unfolds in 2 Kings Chapter four, as the woman runs to the prophet Elisha desperate for his help. Elisha asked,   “What can I do for you. What do you have in your house?” Her response – a small pot of oil. He tells her to gather up a lot of pots and then pour the oil into the pots. Now here is where her faith is tested. She was in control of how many pots she brought home. Can you imagine knocking on people’s doors asking to borrow their pots?  Did she go to strangers or just stick with the people she knew? Next the widow took her two sons home and poured the oil into the pots. The oil flowed until there were no more pots left. The widow goes back to the prophet, and he tells her to pay off the debt and live off the rest. Now she had money left over to provide for the future.


Sometimes we doubt that God has great things waiting for us. We think that God will only give us just enough to get by. Yet, we can see by this story that God wants to give us all that we need and more! So don’t be afraid to ask our Father for what you need. You may be surprised at how much He wants to give you.


“Father help us never to be afraid to come to You for You are a gracious and loving Father who wants to meet our needs and bless us with all good things. We love You and praise You for all You have planned for us.”


For His Glory


Anice Pruitt
TRBC Coffee Break




  1. Thank you. May I “cast down imaginations and everything (one step at a time) that exalt itself against the knowledge of Christ”. May I consistently “cast my cares upon” my Heavenly Father . Thank you.

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