Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 3, 2014

Lessons in Life To Learn

Smiling Teacher at Desk with Textbook“I long to obey your commandments! Revive my life with your goodness.” Psalm 119:40(NLT)

 What is God teaching us in this season of life? As we grow spiritually, God will show us areas that need pruning and areas where we need to change. Sometimes lessons have to be repeated until we finally get it; however, we cannot get it if we don’ pray for wisdom. We can only change as God empowers us with His strength. The first thing is to admit the problem we are facing. Then pray and get scriptures to help us renew our minds so change can take place. Sometimes it’s good to have an accountability partner to encourage us – a trusted friend who will not judge but understand. By sharing our challenge, we can pray together. Sometimes we have to be broken over our sin and see how it is affecting us and others. God loves us so much. He wants us to have victory over what holds us captive. Once He delivers us from something then there are other things He will work in us. God’s work never stops, and we should never stop growing. When we allow God to work in areas of our lives we can then minister, counsel, encourage and pray for others so God can set them free. God will shed his light in dark places hidden in the heart. He will begin to expose what’s truly in us, not to condemn us, but that we might repent and be free. God is a loving God, and He wants the best for us.

 “Lord, I long to obey Your commandments. Revive my life with Your goodness. Grow me up in the areas that I need to grow. Thank You for showing me where I fall short and the hope there is in You.  Thank You for accountability friends.  Thank You that only You can change me.” 

 For His Glory

 Linda Reyes Shepherd
TRBC Mountain Blend


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