Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 11, 2014


cb devo feb11“You know when I sit and when I arise, you perceive my thoughts from afar.” Psalm 139:2 (NIV)

Buried beneath a sea of papers, I retrieved my keys and headed out the door.  How could so much stuff accumulate so fast?  Hadn’t I just cleaned off the kitchen counter?  For some unknown reason, the kitchen attracts the stuff you walk in the door with.  It’s the perfect dropoff place – until it assumes permanent residency.  The last thing I want to see when I walk in the door is yesterday’s mess accompanied with this morning’s leftovers.  One glance around the room convinces me to tackle the clutter. 

 Wow, I wish clearing the clutter from my mind was that simple.  Unfortunately, our minds seem to attract all the stuff we experience throughout our day, yesterday and years ago.  It’s the perfect dropoff place for regrets, comparisons, failures and negative self-talk. Somehow, we even squeeze in doubts and fears accompanied with worries. Buried beneath our thoughts lie the seeds of God’s wisdom desperately trying to resurface for air.  Maybe it’s time we tackle the clutter by honestly examining our thoughts. Is there any leftover junk weighing us down?  Are we stuck in the mire of doubts unable to focus on the future God has in store?  Have we allowed our thoughts to accumulate to the point we don’t even recognize God’s wisdom?  Capturing our unhealthy thoughts requires hard work; but if we clear out the clutter one thought at a time, we will finally be free to move forward.

 “Father, You know every thought that has ever entered my mind.  There are no hidden secrets and yet You still love me.”

 For His Glory

 Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break

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