Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | May 23, 2014

His Presence

Woman Enjoying the Sun“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere;” Psalm 84:10a (NIV)

Silence bounced against the walls. Stray laundry no longer carpeted my floor. An uncluttered sink was spotless. Did I really live here? Everything was in the right place, untouched and unmoved. HG-TV would have been proud! Martha Stewart would have sung my praises. My world seemed perfect, flawless yet something was missing. Actually someone was missing. The quiet solitude I often longed for seemed louder than I remembered. The perfection, well it was too perfect. And the empty sink was a reminder my husband was out of town. It didn’t take long for my heart to miss his sweet presence. Wonder how long it would take for us to notice if God was missing in our lives? We rarely entertain solitude so maybe we wouldn’t miss His voice. We’re usually so busy cleaning up other people’s lives that we don’t have the energy to rid ourselves of the dirty laundry that litters our path. And that spotless perfection we model definitely wouldn’t make God proud. Untouched and unmoved, we coast through life consistently managing our day totally unaware that someone is missing. And the sad reality, God really isn’t missing – we just pretend He isn’t there. Like a silent partner desperate to have a voice – God longs for us to thirst, hunger, and seek His presence. He’s counting down the days, eagerly waiting until we run into His open arms.

“Father, how perfect our world could be if we took the time to welcome Your presence, to sit at Your feet and curl up in your lap. You are the true lover of our souls!”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break



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