Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 5, 2015

God’s View

cb devo feb5“Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good!” Genesis 1:31a (NKJV)


Looking out an airplane window, I saw blue skies and the sun shining. Down below, however, there was nothing except thick, white, billowy clouds. They looked like huge piles of Cool Whip.  It was awe-inspiring to realize that God is so personal in our individual lives. His amazing power to create the entire universe does not hinder Him from seeing through the “clouds” into our very hearts and actions!  With my human eyes nothing on earth was visible: with His Omnipotent eyes, nothing is invisible!


The white was almost too bright for my eyes, and it reminded me of when Moses had been in the presence of God so long the Israelites could not look at his face! And the beauty of the Lamb of God is likened to the white such as no “dry cleaner” on earth can attain!  The beautiful sight of white clouds reminded me that God sees me clothed, not with my filthiness, but the robe of Christ encompassing my human form.  Someday, that robe will have a crown and rewards added to it, so that they may be laid at the feet of Jesus!  How incredible that is!



Such a gorgeous creation God has made for us to enjoy, even if we do have to fly above the clouds to see some of it!  He’s so incredible, so magnificent, and we take Him so lightly!  Oh, that we would have a holy reverence for Him as we walk here on His earth!


“Lord God, we honor and praise You for the glory and majesty of Your creation!  Help us, God, to always look at the things of life as representing You, as we long for the day when we look upon Your face!”


For His Glory


Sandy Day

TRBC Mountain Blend



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