Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 9, 2015

The Fruitful Life

cb devo mar 9“The righteous thrive like a palm tree and grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon planted in the house of the Lord, they thrive in the courts of our God; they will still bear fruit in old age, healthy and green.” Psalm 92:13-14 (HCSB)

While I will probably forever decline the words “old age” – I do want to thrive, grow and bear fruit as a healthy vibrant woman of God. And that encompasses all aspects of my life – spiritual, physical, mental and emotion.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was saying that her grandmother lived well into her 90s and was an active, golf playing and Bible study attendee up until the end of her life. Don’t you want to be like that – going strong, investing in the lives of others rather than becoming a tired, exhausted unable to function bitter woman? My friend shared that her grandmother had endured many challenges in her lifetime, but never allowed those challenges to rule her life. Rather, she clung to Jesus and kept her life balanced – end result a fruitful life even in her old age.

Sweet friend, Jesus reminds us that if we cling to Him, focus our eyes on Him rather than the challenges then we will grow even in the hard places. Praying this week that God grows us all in the hard places and the easy places. That we don’t settle for temporary pleasures or give up during temporary setbacks – but rather keep thriving as beautiful women of God.

“Father, You designed us for growth, positioned us in Your house to thrive – help us to focus our heart, mind and spirit on You –to bear fruit at every stage of life.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break





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