Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | July 29, 2015

One Missing Step….

cb devo july 29“…..there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10b (NIV)

Ever tried a new recipe and it just didn’t quite turn out? Happened to me last week right in the midst of making something I thought would be delish and healthy. Chocolate is my one true food of choice. I would skip steak, chicken, pasta – all for the devouring of a great chocolate dessert. So when a friend shared her Black Bean Brownie recipe, I couldn’t wait to make them myself.

Now, I have to admit my enthusiasm changed once I took that first batch out of the oven. You see, I skimmed through that recipe really fast as I blended all my ingredients together. Looked so dark and yummy, I poured them in the pan and waited anticipating my first bite. The smell was amazing when I opened the oven, and they looked absolutely perfect. But when I tried to cut them later, my brownies were more like a chocolate shake. Read back over my recipe carefully – yes I had used all the ingredients, yes I baked them at exactly the correct temperature. But I failed to do the most important step – drain the black beans before putting them in the food processor – now that explained a lot.

Amazing the difference one step can make from slightly imperfect to sweet perfection. Found it so true when my heart speaks confession yet leaves off true repentance. A simple turning away from sin and turning toward God. Caught up in the aftermath of our sinfulness, we long for relief of guilt and consequences. Admitting to God our wrongs and then unfortunately slipping right back to the same sin – leaving off the turning away.

Quick is our take these days. The faster we can put something behind us, the better we feel. Repentance, however, isn’t about a feeling it’s a determined mind to obey God’s word. It’s a deep abiding reverence for following His instructions and not leaving off even one step.

“Father, so thankful for Your grace that covers me and Your strength that empowers me to rise above my weaknesses. Even in my imperfections, You come and find me – leading me back to truth.”
For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break


  1. suppose it would really behoove us if we would periodically read and contemplate Psalms 52 where he is showing remorse followed by true confession for his sin and we too could experience fellowship and worship with our creator as it was meant to be, as it existed in the garden before the fall?

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