Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 25, 2015

Delivering The Message

cb devo aug25“Then Haggai, God’s messenger, preached God’s Message to the people: “I am with you!” God’s Word.” Haggai 1:13 (The Message)

Messages, cards, gifts, and bills – the mailman delivers them all. I remember as a child anxiously awaiting the mail to come, and I would run to the box to check it. Sometimes there was something for me and it was SO exciting. It is still exciting to get a card or note in the mail.

Recently at a concert, the singer described himself as a mailman delivering God’s message working in the background. What a great thought to think of ourselves as God’s messenger. God has much to say and deliver, and we are his hand picked messengers. What a blessing to be able to work in the background to deliver his messages.

What message does he want us to deliver today? Spend some time at His feet asking for direction on how to deliver His message.

“Father, thank You for allowing me to work in the background for You. What messages can I deliver for You today? Let me shine Your love!

For His Glory,

Debbie Struble
TRBC Coffee Break

Marriage Conference

TRBC will be hosting the I Still Do conference on Saturday, October 17th.
I Still Do, a Family Life event, is designed for married couples to reconnect and strengthen their marriages. Dennis Rainey, Alistair Begg, and other speakers and entertainers will be sharing from the stage. The conference will be hosted live at the church and simulcast nationwide to thousands of churches! It’s an exciting event and we’d love to see the Worship Center filled with couples committed to their marriage, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decision.




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