Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 31, 2015

Glory Givers

cb devo aug31“But when he (King Uzziah) was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction. For he was unfaithful to the LORD his God…” 2 Chronicles 26:16a (ESV)

Rocky, uneven and steep. The hike to the top of the mountain seemed longer than I remembered. It left me gasping for breath after climbing over rocks, but rays of light assured us we would soon reach the top. And what an amazing view! Definitely surpassed my memory bank. So loved the wide open spaces – looking down into the valley – gazing way off into the distance. Lingered long, breathing in deep – didn’t want to leave this place.

How great is our God to capture such beauty and unveil it right before our eyes? What we longed for down below. What we reached for all along the way. What we pushed beyond our limits to attain. Now in full view – God glory shining all around us.

But we couldn’t stay there forever lifted high above it all. Descent seemed much faster. Descent seemed harder. Steep climb up and tricky climb down. Easier to slip when gravity pulls.

Note to self: Climbing up requires focus, discipline and perseverance. Climbing down requires same.

Ever been there – you know working hard, striving, attempting to reach that goal? Zeroed in on the end result – anticipating the exhilarating payoff – the mountain top. Dancing in the joy of accomplishment. Drinking deep of success. Jumping onto our platform. Filled with our glory. Knowing we did it. We made it happen – pride slipping in – God glory seeping out.

Ever felt the jolt as descent occurs? Reality coloring our ease. Uneven ground – tricking footing where our success lives. Fades quickly.

Note to self: Glory stolen births beauty fading. How quickly we forget the One who lifts us up.

“Father, we are no different than the one who sought to steal Your glory. We get lost in what we do, forgetting You are the wind beneath our wings. Forgetting You deserve the praise – because You made it happen. Help us to never be glory takers, but glory givers in awe of all that You are.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break



  1. Sadly I have not received the Coffee Break devotionals for the past week now. I miss them. I have gone to your website to read them but would enjoy seeing them in my email again each morning.
    Thank you, Diane

    • Diane thanks so much for letting us know. TRBC has going through some upgrades to their network and it created some issues with our devotionals going out. Their IT team is working on it – hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. So appreciate you as a reader and thankful that God has been using His words to encourage you each morning.

  2. Sadly, I haven’t been receiving Coffee Break as well for about a week. I miss it greatly. I looked forward to it everyday. I hope the problem is fixed soon.

    Thank you
    K. Hepburn

    • Thanks for letting us know Kristen. We are working on the issue with our email software and prayerfully it will be fixed very soon. Thanks so much for subscribing to our devotionals.

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