Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 6, 2015

Loving People

cb devo nov 6“Peter fairly exploded with his good news: It’s God’s own truth nothing could be plainer. God plays no favorites!” Acts 10:34 (MSG)

We sort laundry, bills, toys, school supplies, coupons, etc. Sorting comes natural for us, but if we’re not careful we’ll find ourselves sorting people too. You know like the ones we avoid because we don’t have the energy to listen one more time. You know like the friends we wish we had versus the ones we write off – they just don’t fit with our group.

It’s all about preferences and choices – sorting the leftovers to a pile in the corner. I never remember a moment when I loved that corner myself so why would I dare put others there?

I’m so glad scripture reminds us that God doesn’t play favorites. We are all equal in His eyes, and He takes great pleasure in our uniqueness. The twelve closest friends of Jesus had little in common and to the world, they looked like a group of misfits. But Jesus saw what this diverse group could accomplish when they were united together. One’s strength would empower another’s weakness. One’s laughter would uplift another’s spirit. And in the midst of it all, one (Judas) would chose to make it all about his preferences.

Regardless of our size, age, wealth, career or personality – God is refreshed by the woman who genuinely loves people. Daughters of the King who shed favoritism, preferences and biases to see people through God’s eyes – beautifully and wonderfully made. Divisions not an option; sorting cast aside. Loving God by loving all people.

“Father, I’m so thankful for the women You have placed in my life. Different – yes. Awesome – you better believe it; but how sweet to take this journey together with them.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break



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