Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 17, 2015

Do You Love Me?

nov 17“If you love me, keep my commands” John 14:15 (NIV)

Children are crude sometimes, because they say whatever comes to mind. Yet, children are the most loving beings – and their desire to please their elders often extrapolates the boundaries of their vocabulary and imagination.

I remember the day when a visit to my hair stylist for a coloring service turned into a very bad case of straw-like hair that didn’t look real. I returned home very upset and my then three-year-old son looked at my new do and shouted in excitement, “Mama, you’re a witch?!” The poor child thought I was trying to play a trick on him with the new look. His impacting, innocent remark, instead drove me to my room, where I called the hairstylist to schedule a morning appointment to get my hair looking normal again.

One time, I got a beautiful card made by my first grader in uneven letters with stick people smiling. The card read something like this, “I love you, mama. You make the best rice and chicken. I love you more than chicken!” In my six-year-old’s mind, chicken was his favorite food and what he assimilated with loving his mama. He didn’t hesitate to make the comparison between the love he had for chicken and his mama.

The Bible tells us about the time when Jesus asked Peter, the eager disciple not once, but three times, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” John 21:15-17 (NIV). Jesus had something important to delegate to Peter, which was to “feed His sheep,” therefore, He needed to make sure that Peter did love Him and was willing to accept the task he was being given.

Over the years, I have received sweet notes from my three sons expressing their love for me, and I have no doubt they would come to my rescue if needed. God is not looking for “people pleasers” in His children. He created us for a purpose, and He has a calling for each of us. If you listen closely, you, too, will hear him ask, “Do you love Me?”

“Thank You, Lord, for loving us and for believing in us.”

For His Glory

Luska Suzano
TRBC Coffee Break


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