Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | December 28, 2015

Unfolding Your Journey

dec 28“Come and see what God has done; how awesome His works on man’s behalf!” Psalm 66:5 (NIV)

Flipping through my camera phone, I found snapshots from my whole year right at my fingertips. I got my Droid (phone) in January and capturing those “Kodak” moments became instantaneous. Amazing how many events we go through in those 365 days tagged a year.

Gently sliding my finger across the screen unfolded reminders of the amazing goodness of our God. Celebrating birthdays with special friends. Nurturing the growth of a flowering rose bush. Doing life with friends who pray and encourage. Vacationing to our favorite beach. Moments that forced me to take leaps of faith. Moments revealing the people, places and things that I valued – priceless memories. And then there were the sweet reminders of God’s love– a gorgeous sunset over calm ocean waves or the smiling face of my husband – simple pleasures too often dismissed.

So what has your year been like? What has God unfolded in your journey? Have you grown closer to the One who longs to feel your presence in every moment? Was your faith challenged, strengthened and enlarged? Scribbled in the front of my devotional book were these words: “My heart’s desire is to glorify God in all venues of my life. Never settling for good but striving for best. Paying the price to stand firmly, unmoveable, unshakeable – steadfast holding on.” Words so easily written before January 1st definitely put them to the test. As this year ends, I praise Him for those times I didn’t waver strengthened in His power and accept His grace for the rest. How about you?

“Father, thank You for the incredible gift of memory – to recall Your faithfulness and cling to Your promises for tomorrow.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break


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