Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 4, 2016

Trusting God More

jan4“I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the lookout tower. I will watch to see what He (God) will say to me and what I should reply about my complaint.” Habakkuk 2:1 (HCSB)

Ever find yourself in complaint overload? Once we start down that path, we can’t seem to see anything else. Unfortunately, we love pulling out that violin and playing our sad or frustrated song to anyone who will listen. Doesn’t matter if they can change our situation, we just want someone on our side or at least someone who entertains our viewpoint. While its therapeutic to unload rather than keeping everything bottled up inside, it’s critical that we unload to the right person.

Habakkuk was a prophet who knew exactly where to go with his complaint. His people had turned away from God and seemed to be doing just fine. And it appeared as though God wasn’t doing anything about it either. From Habakkuk’s perspective evil and sin was winning out, despite his constant attempt to get God’s attention. But he didn’t give up. His persistence and deep convictions landed him an audience with the only One who could transform his situation.

God intervened in Habakkuk’s world but it would be on His timetable and His plan. Why? Because God is longsuffering, righteous and full of compassion; He alone sees the whole picture. He longed for the tribe of Judah to bypass the devastation their sin would birth. Unfortunately, their road back would be marked with persecution and bondage at the hand of their enemy. Not exactly the story book ending Habakkuk envisioned, but one that would accomplish God’s purposes.

Regardless of what’s going on in our lives, we can always come to God with our questions and yes, even our doubts. Habakkuk knew God intimately and felt totally comfortable unloading his complaint. He was secure in God’s love for him and learned through the process to trust God even more. So where will we go the next time we move into complaint mode? If we’re wise, we will seek out God first.

“Father, You welcome us into Your presence and promise to give us Your wisdom – help us to trust You with all the details of our lives.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break


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