Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 3, 2016

Radiating Joy

feb3“We write this to make our joy complete.” I John 1:4 (NIV)

What supersizes your happy? You know like overflows your joy meter into the sweet dance of exhilaration. What ignites your life? You know like illuminates even in the deepest dark. What secret truths can you no longer hold captive? You know like you’re bursting to share the good news.

Extraordinary joy can never be contained it always seeps out inviting even the skeptics to join in. And invigorating experiences launch us past the deep into the breaking dawn of new life. So what’s the secret just bursting at the seams? It’s etched on the faces of radiant daughters whose lives have been renewed, refreshed and redeemed. It’s sung in the hearts of those whose stories have been rewritten, etched in the palms of His nail pierced hands. It’s compelling truths that free the chained and broken released from captivity into healing rain.

Birthed in the pages of the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – we trace the heartstrings of our Jesus transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary joy. And in the wake of miracles, crucifixions and resurrections – the beloved Apostle John can’t resist proclaiming, testifying and bursting forth with the good news. The living, breathing , and serving Son of God appeared and impacted John’s world. It’s a mystery that unravels one story at a time compelling even total strangers to witness His grace, love and forgiveness that is guaranteed to transform even skeptics into raving worshippers. And so we too write to you – His joy makes our lives complete.

“Father, may we forever be captivated by the gospel – Your love story – written so that all might believe.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Coffee Break


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