Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | May 4, 2016

Running On Empty

may 4 “…put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth.” Colossians 3:8  (NASB)

One day someone did something that made me angry—really angry.  I tried just “getting over it,” but that didn’t work.  I tried talking to my husband, but that was no good.   Invariably, I went right back to my seething.    As the afternoon dragged itself into view, I realized I needed a little help, so I very “humbly” started to pray.

I told God (not very nicely) that if He wanted me to have any patience at all—He would have to give it to me.   After all, my “tank” was empty, the “gas light” was on, and I was running on fumes!  I then took a deep breath, opened my Bible, and started to read.   How uncanny that my fingers flipped right to Colossians 3:8, which told me to put aside my anger and wrath.   How remarkable that vs. 12 told me to put on a heart of kindness, humility, and patience.   And how interesting that vs. 13 said to bear with one another and forgive just as the Lord had forgiven me!

Wow.   God had used His word to soften my heart and gently rebuke me.   My demanding prayer swiftly changed to a humbler one.   I then thanked God for His patience with me.  The next time someone lights a fire in my engine, I will ask the Lord immediately to fill me with grace.  Furthermore, I believe the Lord wants me to start my day with quiet time in His word, so that I can be filled with His Spirit and not “running on empty” before the day has even begun!

 “Dear Lord, thank You for extending grace to me.  Help me now to extend grace to others.” 

For His Glory

Ruby Sand
TRBC Women’s Life

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