Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | September 14, 2016

Swept Away

sept-14“I understand more than the elders because I obey Your precepts.”  Psalm 119:100 (HCSB)

Ever written a paper and desperately tried to meet the word count?  I remember doing a report in high school that was nothing more than pure “fluff.” Despite the fact this report and paper were a major portion of my grade, I tried to persuasively impress my audience of uninterested students.  My teacher definitely was not impressed with my oral presentation, nor did she enjoy my endless overuse of words typed on white paper just to fill space.

Unlike me, God doesn’t have any “fluff” in His word – it’s simply truth.  Psalm 119 is packed full of reminders and instructions about His words.  Despite the fact that this is the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses), you won’t find boredom filling up His pages.  The sticky note – the take away – is crystal clear – reverence God’s words.  No hidden messages, no funny illustrations.  The psalmist’s passion for the word of God is felt in every verse.  The answer to defeating the enemy, the solution for living a pure life, the key to happiness, the quest for knowledge – we don’t have to look far to find what we need to thrive in this life.

Active verbs remind us that it’s not enough to just read or memorize these verses. Understanding is birthed in the pursuit of God.  Strength is wrapped up in the words we choose to sustain us.  Courage is found in the overflowing promises.  Confidence is unleashed in the presence of God’s love.  Hope is awakened when the weary lean into His whispers.  Abundant peace follows those who cherish God’s words.  Praise overflows when the heart is filled with gratitude for the giving of all we need.

Don’t know about you but chill bumps cover me when I allow my heart to be swept away with the awesomeness of One who pours out all so that I can drink deep of His wisdom and love. It’s the greatest read – the best version of me yet – to be drawn in and transformed by obeying God’s words.

“Father how blessed we are to have Your words before our eyes.  To pick up our Bible, our phone or turn on our computer and see Your words surrounding us.  Help us to never neglect or dismiss the power of Your words.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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