Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | October 14, 2016

Illuminating Hope

oct-14“But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you (God) more and more.”  Psalm 71:14 (NIV)

Empty cup viewed as full – the way my Dad saw all of life.  Regardless of finances, struggles or defeats, he never lost sight of the Hope Giver – confident, trust in God is contagious.  When we see and watch others living out their faith day in and day out, we desire what they have.  We want the Abraham faith that walks in obedience regardless of the sacrifice.  We want the Noah faith that acts in obedience regardless of what other’s think.  We want the Sarah faith that despite emotions and doubts reaps the blessing beyond human logic.  We want the Rahab faith that believes in the One who redeems and invites despite a record of wrongs.

Confident, trust in God fills every inch of reasoning, and welcomes Him as the Only One who can fill us up. Placing our faith and trust in His abilities spreads beyond our story and unfolds in those who watch remembering what God has already done.  Like a raging epidemic, hope realized inspires us to hang on, hold on, cling to, depend in regardless of the circumstances.

Empty cup viewed as full – always when we put our faith and hope in God.  Positions us to draw others to the amazing character of our God.  Speaks volumes to a world longing/searching for someone to believe in.  Encourages obedience even when the price is high.  Awakens obedience despite the outcome.  Inspires obedience when perceived solutions don’t add up.  Desires obedience regardless of our past. Women living out their faith day in and day out  – blessings that overflow – hope that surpasses our wildest dreams.

“Father, open our eyes to see all that You have done – infuse us with Your hope that sustains and uplifts.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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