Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | October 27, 2016

Look Up!

oct-27“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come?”  Psalm 121:1 (NAS)

The buzzer sounded. My son’s team ran to the bench for a quick break and pep talk from the coach. Seated behind the team bench, I could hear what the coach was saying. He looked each one of them in the eye as he said these words:  “You gotta look up. When you’re dribbling, before you pass, before you shoot….how will you know what to do with the ball if you don’t? …..Always keep your head up, your eyes up…….. Look up!”  Wow. I don’t even think the coach realized that what he was saying to these boys would help them not only in their basketball game, but in life as well.

Do you need to know which direction your life should go? Look up. Are you unsure what to do about your teenager? Look up.  Unemployed and need a job? Look up. Relationship concerns? Look up.

Life is complicated for sure. But the answer to questions or problems in our lives should always begin with looking up. God knows how hard things can be sometimes. He doesn’t expect or want us to try to navigate life on our own. God is there for us in every way. He is our help in any situation. Instead of hanging our heads in despair when life gets hard or complicated, we should do just the opposite. That’s exactly when our heads and eyes need to remain up. Only when we look up and look to God will we get the help we need.

“Lord, You are my one true help in times of trouble, confusion or heartache. Help me to remember You are there for me, always. Help me to keep my eyes and heart on You.”


For His Glory,

Josey Bozzo
TRBC Women’s Life


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