Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 7, 2016

Removing High Places

nov-7“Yet even in his (King Asa’s) disease, he didn’t seek the Lord, only the physicians.”  2 Chronicles 16:12b (HCSB)

Wonder why it is so easy to tear down and remove what someone else has lifted up?  Eliminating another’s idol appears much easier than tearing down our own?  If we’re truthful, we prefer to remove from others what we wouldn’t dare take from us.

King Asa was one who had no problem removing the pagan altars in his land.  He was described as one who did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord.  When he faced a mighty army, King Asa cried out to God for help.  And the Lord faithfully delivered him and his people.  But somewhere along the lines after years of peace, King Asa stopped crying out to God. Perhaps he forgot what it was like to be rescued from his enemies.  Maybe daily dependence on God evaporated when life was easy. Scripture doesn’t unveil what deterred his trust, but we see a shift from God to man.

A seemingly innocent manipulation revealed the true nature of King Asa’s affections.  Using his wealth, he bribed the king of Aram to handle his issues with King Baasha.  What seemed like sweet victory and relief actually defined King Asa’s untrusting heart.

The end of King Asa’s reign makes a pivotal change.  The man who once cried out to God and trusted Him fully begins to depend on others.  The one who lead his people to make a covenant to seek God with all their mind and heart is now lifting up idols of his own making.  And when disease darkened his doorstep, Asa remained prideful, unwilling to seek God’s healing.

Sound familiar?  We elusively dismiss what others lift up, yet don’t want to acknowledge our own crutches.  Things we turn to when fear rises up.  People we attempt to manipulate when waiting on God seems elusive.  Pride that slips in and robs us of the blessings of God.

How do we avoid this trap?  In the good times, hard places, peace, chaos – we remain fully trusting in our God.  We cry out to Him in daily dependence even if we think we’ve got it all covered.  We lean in close and remove anything that attempts to slide into first place.  Humbly we bow and acknowledge that He is the One and Only true God who is worthy of our worship.

“Father help us to be faithful, strong and courageous women who trust in You alone!”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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