Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 18, 2017

Immersed In The Desert

jan-18“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert…” Matthew 4:1a (NIV)

Winter’s palette always leaves my heart yearning for more.  Naked trees and a brown stubbly lawn greet my view – a desert in my own mind.  Dry, bland, and desperately ugly – the thirst for life almost screams at me.  A far cry from the paradise of God’s creation.  Yet, He carved out  desert, barren places.

David found refuge from King Saul hiding out in the desert.  Caves and rocky cliffs protected him from the one who sought to extinguish his royal destiny.  John the Baptist  received his divine calling while living in the desert.  Isolated and undistracted, he had no problem understanding the message God entrusted to Him.   Rising up out of the baptismal Jordan River, Jesus was led to the desert.  Fasting for forty days, He was tempted by the one who sought to undermine His earthly ministry.

Do we find ourselves immersed in the desert?  Like David, the enemies of our soul may have sent us running into the desert desperate for relief.  Perhaps, isolation in the desert has prepared us like John the Baptist for a brief but powerful moment of ministry.  Like Jesus, we may be encountering Satan as our divine destiny begins to unfold. Transformation from barrenness to fruitfulness is God’s specialty in the desert. With our eyes focused on Him, with His Words flowing off our lips and His Holy Spirit living within us – we too can experience the incredible beauty that burst forth.

David became King, John drew many to redemption and Jesus became the Savior of the world.  What will God do with our desert places?

“Father,  Your hand has allowed and orchestrated all that we experience.  Help us to seek You in those dry places – knowing that You alone are all we need.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life




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