Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 9, 2017

Focused On His Best

mar-9 “To You I lift up my eyes, O You who are enthroned in the heavens!”   Psalm 123:1 (ESV)

I heard the story of an engineer who was asked to solve a problem, when all other efforts to troubleshoot the issue failed.  After a few hours of looking at the machinery and contemplating what might be wrong, the engineer took a piece of chalk out of his pocket and placed an X on a large machine.  The baffled corporate leaders were amazed at how quickly and effortlessly this man identified the issue.  They were equally surprised when they looked over his itemized bill of service which said: $1 for chalk to write the letter X  and $,9999 for knowing where to put the X.


Obviously, there is something to be said for knowing WHERE to focus one’s efforts and attention in life!  As we contemplate another year it may be helpful to consider whether or not we have placed our focus and efforts in the “right” areas of life.  Are we focused and committed to the BEST?  Have our good intentions and right focus been derailed by distractions and temptations?

For Christians, if ever there was an X which “marked the spot” on which we should be focused and committed, it is the cross.   As this Psalm reminds us, the BEST place for our fixed attention and focus is always the Lord Himself.  When we live from a posture of setting our gaze upon the Lord and abiding in Him, then not only can we trust that we are rightly focused, but we can also trust that He will make an indelible mark on us!

“Lord, please draw our gaze to You and Your cross.  Help us fix our eyes on You so that we are not distracted and lured away by the temptations and distractions of the world.  We love You Lord!”

For His Glory


Claudia Dempsey
TRBC Women’s Life

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