Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 20, 2017

Least Fave Moments

“He (God) has made everything appropriate in its time.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11a  (HCSB)

Spring has us sitting on edge waiting for Winter to finally close its door.  And just when we thought warm was here to stay cold sneaked back in.  I’ve got Spring fever worse than ever.  Don’t want my boots, coats or scarves – just give me sunshine and flipflops.  Someone please tell Winter to leave.

If only it was that easy to usher in our fave season of life and tell the others to leave. I know I would have skipped over the teen years when pimples surfaced and awkwardness wrapped around me.  I probably would have excused away newlywed drama too – like my noncooking skills and his inability to pick anything up.  And if it was left up to me well I would choose to bypass mood swings, hormone changes and irritability.  You may have a few you would add to that list  too – moments we all would rather not revisit.

Wonder what I would have missed if I had opted out of those least fave seasons of life?

Cold temps birth beautiful white snow and the warmth of a cozy fire.  Hot chocolate smothered in whipped cream doesn’t taste so wonderful in the heat of Summer.  And those teen years were filled with laughter and silliness  – not a care in the world.  Newlywed drama fades when the sweetness of my man  prays over me.  Moments I don’t want  to forget – places I love to revisit.

Skipping past or just simply enduring least fave seasons of life doesn’t sound so tempting anymore.  God uses every season of our lives to sharpen our character, deepen our trust in Him and teach us valuable lessons.  Things we wouldn’t learn in the mode of ease.  Courage we wouldn’t develop.  Patience we wouldn’t exhibit.  And nestled right in the middle of those life lessons are incredible moments we wouldn’t want to miss.

So glad God doesn’t listen to my whims to gloss over challenging and hard seasons.  Thankful He doesn’t excuse me out of least fave moments.  Grateful that God walks right alongside me and births joy unfolding in every page of my story.

“Father, You know every single one of our days and You use them to create lasting beauty in our lives.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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