Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 3, 2017

Leaving Regrets

“Samuel mourned for Saul, and the Lord regretted He had made Saul king over Israel.” I Samuel 15:35b (HCSB)


Anointed as Israel’s first king, Saul had a bright future. The supreme honor of leading these people who wanted what everyone else had – an earthly leader.  Job description didn’t exist – Saul was the first  – the one who had the potential to set the course.  He looked like a dynamic, charismatic leader.  Tall, handsome and noble, but his character didn’t serve him well.

In the heat of the battle against the Amalekites, Saul made a pivotal decision to do things his way.  God’s instructions were simple and clear – completely destroy everything – do not spare them.  Even their oxen, sheep, camels and donkeys –  no remnants of this enemy were to be left behind.  Saul had no problem destroying the worthless and unwanted things, yet he chose to spare the Amalekites’ king and the best of their livestock.

God was not impressed by Saul’s partial obedience and He isn’t pleased with yours and mine either.  How many times do we hear clearly what God desires yet choose to do what we want?  Do we ever follow part of His instructions and claim full obedience? Too many times to count for this Bible study girl.  We’ve probably all walked a few miles in Saul’s shoes.  Glamorizing what we did because no one else knew what God was telling us to do.  Looked like we obeyed, but deep down we knew we met him halfway.

Saul’s decision birthed God’s regret.  Israel’s first king was about to be dethroned – not by an earthly enemy but by the Lord God Almighty.  Saul’s insecurities and lack of courage resulted in overriding fear of the very people he led.

Let’s keep it real sweet friend – has fear blocked us from complete obedience?   Have we excused away our disobedience and blamed it on others?   God reminds us that He looks into the heart and weighs our motives.  Even if we fail,  wouldn’t we rather fail at obedience than seemingly succeed doing half of what He asked us to do?

“Sweet Jesus in the midst of intimidation and fear help us to rise up in courage and boldness to completely obey Your voice.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life



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