Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 19, 2017


“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverbs 29:17 (NIV)

I always think I have more time than my calendar tells, and procrastination never serves me well.  But somehow, I often convince myself that tomorrow is a better day for what I’m not doing today.  I can wait until next week to call a friend for dinner.  Or sometimes I really don’t want to deal with a situation today, so let’s push it side to another time.  We have plenty of time to catch up  – right?

Time is elusive and if we aren’t intentional it slips through our fingers.  All those things we push aside open wide the door for potentials that never happen.  And before we even realize it, we’ve forgotten our “put off” to another day things because after all, we have plenty of time. Sounds good to my ears, but rarely flatters my heart.

Step inside my little world over the past few weeks and witness how quickly tomorrow fades.  A co-worker’s son has a massive heart attack and within moments he is gone.  A friend’s husband chats with his wife via facetime, signs off and within moments collapses to the floor leaving this world.   Early morning a friend’s father breathes his last breath.  One young man who worked in our office on Friday didn’t return on Monday – a fatal accident stole away his tomorrows.

Suddenly all of these left our world.  Without warning.  Without a chance to greet tomorrow.  Without one last glimpse in the face of eternity.

What God allows me to see in the midst of repetition beckons me to stop, listen  and draw near.  All these suddenlys never got a chance for one last hug, one more I forgive you, one more I’m sorry or one more……. you fill in the blank. What’s our one more we would want to right before leaving this world?

We don’t always get to clean up our messes. To tidy up our space for the ones we leave behind. We aren’t guaranteed advance notice of what tomorrows will or will not bring.  We aren’t privileged to stop time in its tracks and avoid the inevitable, but we can seize today making the most of every moment.  We can forgive big and extend grace wider.  We can release grudges, criticisms and complaints, because suddenly could be sooner than we think.

“Father, help us to live intentional lives –cherishing every moment – reflecting You in all we say and do.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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