Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 27, 2017

Pursuing Freedom Through Christ

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1 (NIV)

The speaker at the women’s conference I attended last weekend used “freedom” as her theme. She was a girl after my own heart, as she had analogies for mostly everything she talked about during the retreat, and I was right there with her.

One of the analogies she used really stuck with me. She was talking about how sin enslaves us, humans, and how we need Christ to free us. For that, she used the analogy of a slave who has been in slavery all his life and one day is set free, but does not know how to be free because slavery is all he has known. I sat there, analyzing my own life, and thinking of how hard it was for me to free myself from the burden of guilt I lived with during my marriage, even after my spouse had been gone for some time. I blamed myself for his actions, for deserting me. For years, I was living without his help and emotional support.  Yet, I could not see myself apart from him legally, because I had made a promise to stay married until death set us apart. After several years, however, there came a time when I could no longer live as I was living and I filed for divorce; the divorce he had been wanting for some time. Yet, I was not free. I did not know how to be free, as marriage was the identity that had been embedded in my mind and on my heart for the past 31 years. The struggle tormented me.


Just as a slave who must be taught, nurtured with and encouraged to pursue freedom, I, too, had to search for ways to find my own freedom. I prayed continually, and through my church, I enrolled in Freedom Ministries to attend Divorce Care, counseling, and other resources. Faith is a strong weapon. And when faith is coupled with prayer and good church friends for accountability, giving up is not an option. Through faith in Christ, I found my freedom and you can, too.


“Lord, thank You for giving us true freedom.”


For His Glory

Luska Suzano
TRBC Women’s Life


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