Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | May 17, 2017

Transforming Loss

“I gain understanding from your precepts;” Psalm 119:104a (ESV)

Ever felt the weight of loss?  What seemed like a win-win ended up our loss – definitely not our happy place.  Amazing how quick the enemy sneaks in and zeros our focus on what we didn’t get, what we gave up, and what we watched slip right through our fingers.  A never-ending list of our losses hitting us square in the face as the tidal wave of depressing self-talk overwhelms us.

Loss doesn’t just happen it can consume us.   By exaggerating our losses and lamenting what is missing, we fail to see the gain right in front of us.  Satan wants us to linger, entertain and wrap ourselves up in misery.  Feels good for a while.  Justifies our giving up and pulling away; but the longer we settle into loss-ville, the deeper we seem to go. Winning becomes a distant illusion and gain appears to never resurface.

So what’s a girl to do when memory flashes back mesmerized by the what ifs or what could have been?  Don’t know about you but for me a good cry does wonders.  God created us with deep emotions and it’s healthy to grieve the losses in our lives.  It’s beneficial to acknowledge painful situations and pour them out at His feet.  God welcomes us with open arms and promises to heal our broken hearts and crushed dreams.  He is the One Comforter that stays, listens and graces us with space to heal.  But then, we must release the self-defeating chatter and position our eyes on God’s gain in the midst of our loss.    He will shine the light away from what was to what can be.  If we hold our thoughts captive and look intently, we will see the beauty of what remains.

God’s greatest work in us can be the undoing of our very own wins.  What we wanted, pursued, desired and ultimately lost can be transformed into a deeper understanding of what gain really means.  The ultimate win is knowing and trusting that God’s power is always working within us even in moments of loss.

“Father, You are our sweet Comforter, the One who collects our tears and holds us close.  Praising You, for picking us up and carrying us where we can’t go.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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