Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | September 14, 2017

Sin’s Sink Hole

“Good and upright is the Lord; therefore, He instructs sinners in His ways.  He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way.”  Psalm 25: 8&9 NIV

Another one!  Every few months, upon turning on the nightly news, we hear another report of a sink hole.  Sink holes are nothing to mess with.  Have the misfortune of finding your house within the sphere of a sink hole and it has been most likely gobbled up like a toppling monopoly piece.  A neighbor in its path – gone into the massive dark abyss as well.  Recently right here in my home town a sink hole appeared on one of our major streets.  Passersby crept in their cars as schedules were delayed and plenty were late to start their work day wondering what happened there.

Isn’t sin much like a sink hole?  A sink hole started with a crack; a faulty supporting structure.  No one noticed it.  And if they did, likely nothing was done or repair was deferred for another day.  Slowly the crack grew until the breaking point.  Likely didn’t take much.  And, total ruination followed.  Similarly, a lack of God’s Word, communion with Him and accountability from other believers allow fissures of sin that can grow to damaging dimensions.  If another is in the vicinity of the sin, she possibly is affected or overtaken by the sin of choice, almost as though there was no choice at all.  And the passersby?  We’ll likely not know if they noticed the cracks in the road before the sink hole appeared.  But they slowly pass by, recognizing the sin that entangled, maybe grumbling something to another out of the reach of the sinner’s ear and slowly move on to go about their day.

Praying we see the cracks in our road.  May our hearts be humbled to deal with the cracks as God reveals them to us.  May we immediately go to His throne room and repent, ask for forgiveness, receive His mercy and have our character refined so that our sin would not become a sink hole and envelope those for whom we care.  May those who pass by be brave enough to show us the cracks in our walk with God and may we be open to their correction and see it as their love and concern for our wellbeing.

“Father, with gentle compassion, may I show the same care for my sisters in Christ that You show me.  Lord, may I love Your process of refinement as I seek to become more like Jesus in thought, deed and action.”

For His Glory,

Kathryn Hayman
Women’s Life Devotional

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