Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 28, 2017

Changing Course

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (NIV).

In traffic, sometimes we get to a crossroads and must choose quickly which direction to go: left, right, or straight ahead. It is important to choose wisely. One direction will take us where we need to go while another will take us in the wrong direction; thus causing consequences, such as being late or even missing an important appointment. In more tragic instances it may even take us into the path of destruction; therefore, we must be cautious and wise when making our decision.

In life, we also get to “crossroads” and must make a decision as to which direction we should go in our actions and conversations. During a recent gathering, I witnessed a conversation among friends that made me somewhat uncomfortable. I felt like if I didn’t say anything, I would be condoning what they were doing, which I considered improper behavior for a Christian. I pondered at first if I would come across as being judgmental or as portraying myself as better than them. In the end, I decided my walk needed to match my talk so I spoke up and detached myself from the situation.

I am sure I do and say things that are not always praiseworthy. However, when I feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that I must stand up for what I believe to be right, God always takes care of the situation. In this particular instance, I chose to go home early and had no doubt I did the right thing.

“Dear Lord, search our hearts and help us to seek Your guidance when the path brings uncertainty. If our hearts direct us the wrong way, please help our ears to hear the voice of Your Holy Spirit and bring us back to the path of righteousness.”


For His Glory

Luska Natali
TRBC Women’s Life



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