Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | December 1, 2017

Cleaning Up Our Messes

“Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, And teach out of Your law,” Psalm 94:12 (NKJV)

My water bottle slipped out of my full hands and hit the floor splashing everywhere.  It was the last thing I needed; I was already running behind schedule.  Emptying my hands, I looked for some paper towels.  The janitor’s cart was right around the corner, so I explained my spill and asked for some paper towels.  Quickly she (the cleaning lady) reached for her mop and said she’d take care of it.  Now that would have meant I could walk out of the public restroom and try to regain control over my schedule.  After all it was her job – wasn’t it?

For some unknown reason, definitely a God thing,  I responded that I’d clean up my own mess. She was in shock – after all it was her job – wasn’t it?  People made messes and spills all the time and that’s what she did day in and day out.  But today, God said for me to clean up my own mess. And the payoff, well the cleaning lady walked a little taller and hummed as she went out the door.  I meet her in the hallway still pushing her cart, and she smiled big – priceless.

Ever caused a big spill with your life choices?  Despite our efforts to walk blamelessly, we live in a fallen world and are imperfect human beings. Our sin nature is flawed, tainted and gravitates toward’s doing life our own way.  It takes great discipline and self-control to resist the urge that sin invites.  It’s a choosing that can only be empowered by surrendering to the Holy Spirit living in us.  And for those moments when we blow it and give in to temptation, God offers us a chance to confess and turn back to Him.

Wonder what would happen if we cleaned up after our life messes?  Instead of expecting others to bail us out, we’d value them enough to own up to our mistakes.  Instead of leaving them to do what they’ve always done, we’d surprise them and learn something in the process.  Rather than offer them a list of excuses and rationale for our poor actions, we would confess and seek forgiveness. And the payoff they’d probably walk a little taller instead of cowering in disappointment.  They’d hum His praises as they witnessed the transformation and smile deep as tears flowed – priceless.

“Father, teach us to value and respect the people You have placed in our lives.  Help us to embrace the transforming power that is found in growing through our mistakes.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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