Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 8, 2018

Sweet Reminder

“In Your steadfast love give me life, that I may keep the testimonies of Your mouth. Psalm 119:88 (ESV)

Technology offers me many ways to keep track of my schedule and calendar, but I am definitely old school. I love flipping through the pages of a “paper” calendar and reading the history of my year.  Did that just the other day and how my mind was stirred by God’s faithfulness in 2017.

Etched at the top of pages were scriptures, God’s words, that encouraged and uplifted me.  Exact words I needed for tough days that convicted or grounded me in wisdom.  Set right before my eyes so I couldn’t easily forget them.  Words I choose to mediate, cherish and apply.  Memorization is not by best go to – I’d much rather excuse away my lack of discipline.  But I love the way reminds me that what is written before my eyes can settle in my heart and move me from who I am to who He desires me to be.  Note to self:  Keep up this practice of drawing near to and cherishing what God says – it will never disappoint or lead me astray.

Scribbled on certain days were quotes – some famous – some ordinary.  Words whispered from the past and present.  Cheering me on and at times hitting an unsettled weakness.  Reminding me that life is not always about me but about His eternal purposes. Clarity when fog overwhelmed or distractions detoured me.  Others’ stories compelling and thought provoking.  Love the way Twitter, Facebook or even the flipping of a page captivated my attention to write them down.  Note to self:  Keep being a collector of quotes. Wise words lived out are treasures to be found and savored.

Jotted  between the lines of days were life events and special moments.  A collage of birthdays, weddings, celebrations, appointments, etc.  Moments that filled up blank pages and evoked memories of people I didn’t want to forget.  Chapters in their lives, I didn’t’ want to overlook.  Events that would have been missed without my jotting them down.  Note to self:  Keep being intentional in the lives of those you love.  Busy is overrated….carve in margin for relationships and invest in others.

And that my friends is my 2017 calendar.   Outdated but never underused.  Tucked away in my desk drawer  – a sweet reminder to draw close to God every day, treasure His faithfulness and love the people He brings into my life.

“Father, a year passes away so quickly – teach me to intentionally cling to Your words and follow in Your footsteps.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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