Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 17, 2018

Holding On Tight

“He led them in safety, so that they were not afraid.” Psalm 78:53a (ESV)

Breathed a simple prayer of safety. Didn’t really think too much about it. Common words I had spoken just moments before leaving home. But this day those words meant so much more. Icy roads greeted me as I headed to work. Slick commute doesn’t even touch it. I slid down our street almost hitting a stop sign and onto another road. Scared? Yes. In those moments, I prayed myself to work where I arrived safely. Thank You Jesus!

Sweet reminder that what we can’t see swirling around us, God is fully aware of and guards our steps. What we pray carelessly without much weight still falls on His listening ears. Couldn’t help but wonder how many times we needed His protection and we didn’t even ask. Reminded that life can change in a split second – better to be surrounded by God and His mighty army than trusting in what we perceive. Blessed to know that even in our unaware state of the dangerous circumstances, God is with us every step of the way.

Ever ventured down roads in life without seeking His safety? I have. Too many times to count. So easy to move ahead and think we’ve got this covered. No problem. We can do this. Dismissing red flags and pressing on. Pride slays us when we believe we don’t need His help. Independence drowns us when we resist His strength. Self-sufficiency rears it ugly head when we neglect His protection. End result – we become vulnerable women desperately in need of God’s divine safety.

Nothing more beautiful than when we are down on our knees crying out for His help. Greatest gift we give ourselves is to ask for protection from our own weaknesses. Sweetest prayers uttered are the ones from trembling lips desperate to embrace safe.

Life’s unpredictable will occur and people will wound our souls. Takes courage to admit we don’t have what it takes. Love the way our God hovers over us and whispers, “Sweet girl I’ve got this covered. Lean into me. Wait for me. Listen to me. You won’t be disappointed.” Now that my friend is the secret to safe – holding on tight to the One who is always watching over us.

“Father, Thank You for being my great protector from the smallest to the greatest of things that touch my life – I am securely Yours.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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