Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 7, 2018

Best Saturday Ever

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.” Psalm 84:10a(ESV)

Ever find yourself at the mercy of someone else’s urgent? Friday night, I planned out my Saturday. Several projects needed to consume my focus and distractions like shopping, running errands, etc. really needed to take a back seat. Snuggling under the covers, I committed myself to seizing every moment. Confident I would stick to my schedule.

Fast track to Saturday morning and my husband’s urgent took center stage. He needed someone to follow him to the Virginia Beach area where he was delivering a vehicle. Unfortunately, all his attempts to find someone failed and his urgent sat right in front of my eyes. My list kept rolling through my mind, yet I knew my husband really needed help. No brainer here – I got in my car and followed my man in the big truck to Virginia Beach.

Urgent stole away my list and my undistracted Saturday or so I thought. But God had everything totally under His control. While I cruised down the highway, prayers began to flow from my lips. Isolated in a vehicle for four hours just me and my God – sweet moments. Didn’t even realize I had so much to talk to Jesus about but I did. Notepad by my side, every stoplight became an opportunity to jot down what God was sharing with me. Totally undistracted – best way to spend Saturday in the presence of God.

And that list I left behind well all those things actually fell perfectly into place in God’s timing. Someone else’s urgent ushered me into the presence of God – treasured moments concentrated on Him alone. Totally confident that my God knew I needed this time with Him more than I needed anything else. Convinced this wasn’t just a coincidence but a divine appointment – an opportunity to be totally His in a place where dirty dishes and piles of laundry couldn’t compete.

Love the way God loves us so much that He carves in time for us right when we need it the most. Love His tender mercies for all those other times when we ignored His call. Blessed to discover God is really all we need and He is the One who can every item on our list. Grateful for moments at His feet where perspectives are changed and wisdom is poured out. Best Saturday ever!

“Father, You desire an intimate, thriving relationship with each of Your children. Help us to hear Your voice and welcome sweet moments in Your presence.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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