Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 21, 2018

His Divine Goodness

“And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy!” Psalm 107:22 (ESV)

A celebration of divine goodness – that’s how Webster defines thanksgiving. Grateful hearts acknowledging the favors of Almighty God is how George Washington proclaimed the first thanksgiving. How would you describe thanksgiving?

Is it the picture perfect family gathered together? Perhaps pumpkin pies baking in the oven. Turkeys dressing our tables and gratitude filling our lips. Is it a one day event that ushers in the Christmas shopping season with an extended list of things to do, places to be and gifts to buy? Or is it a chance to watch endless football surrounded by family and friends? Have you ever considered that thanksgiving isn’t just a one day event?

Giving thanks should be a part of the very air we breathe. Waking up in the morning should usher in a deep well of gratitude before feet even touch the floor. Praises should rise from dawn to dusk. Silence should be welcomed moments to reflect on God’s goodness. Blessings should fill our mental checklist and recognizing God’s faithfulness should flow effortlessly.

Wonder what life would be like if we truly celebrated His divine goodness? Mercy giver and gracious Savior. Loving compassionate Father. Loyal dependable Friend. Redeemer of our days. Restorer of our dreams. Holy righteous One.

What would happen if instead of making lists of things to do, we crafted lists of things God has done? Endless gifts poured out and sprinkled over days and days showered by His loving kindness. Divine moments perfectly orchestrated to serve us well. Sweet surprises of hope and encouragement.

What if we looked deep into our hard places and praised Him for lessons learned? Priceless treasures unfolding one by one. Glimpses of gratitude even when darkness hovers around us. Sacrificial praise rising to glorify the One who knows our suffering.

Thanksgiving an opportunity every day to celebrate God’s divine goodness with a grateful heart acknowledging the favors of the Almighty. Praying our hearts never cease to praise Him.

“Father, too many days slip through our fingers without even one simple moment of gratitude. Forgive us for wanting more and seeking more when we are already blessed beyond all measure.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

Praying you enjoy a sweet time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday.  We are truly grateful and blessed to serve each of you with the words God is writing on our pages – we give Him all the glory, praise and honor.  Women’s Life Devotionals will resume on Monday, November 26.


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