Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 27, 2018

When Regrets Become Powerless

“I tell you, her sins – and they are many – have been forgiven…” Luke 7:47a (NCV)

A person on a mission is evident by their body language and tenacity. No matter what…their mind is set. Nobody or thing is going to derail their assignment…especially if it’s personal. This courageous woman (Luke 7:36-48) didn’t knock on the door; she “came in” Simon’s house and interrupted supper. She probably took a deep breath as she maneuvered her way through the crowd holding her alabaster jar. She heard the whispers knowing some of the gossip was true. Nevertheless, her eyes were fixed on the Lord as she politely said, “Excuse me, but you can’t help me…I’m here to see Jesus.” Finally reaching Him must of felt like an eternity with the snares and dares. She broke open the seal on her offering pouring out all her many sins on the head of Jesus. Falling at His feet as her tears flowed using her hair as a towel…kissing the feet of her Savior.

This woman is unnamed because we all have an alabaster jar filled with life’s oil of past mistakes and regrets. Only Jesus and you know the expense of the oil in your alabaster jar and how much was truly paid for your forgiveness. Jesus has deemed your sins powerless to berate or disqualify you. When judgement raises its ugly head just remember…your alabaster jar was broken at the feet of Jesus. It was smashed into a million little pieces, so it could never be used against you again. Your expensive perfumed oil of “Please forgive me” flowed down the head of Jesus as a declaration of repentance. He has forgiven you! Your past faults have been paid for in full.

“Thank you Father, You willingly except our heartfelt remorse. Your love transforms our broken clay jars into beautiful vessels. Lives filled with testimonies of Your love and power to forgive. It’s humbling to think You use our Good News testimonies to impact our little worlds around us.”

For His Glory

Kim Lacey Schock (
TRBC Women’s Life

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