Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 2, 2019

Dream Big

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4 (NLT)

Do we dream…dream big…no really, really big, but our dreaming only takes place in the depths of our heart and mind? Is there a deep desire in our heart buried under layer upon layer of hiddenness? Because that’s how big our desire is that just maybe we even question if God can accomplish it in our life. In our mind, the desire is so farfetched from our current human grasp or situation that we haven’t dared shared it with our closest confidant. Dream it anyways!!!

Looking back to my earliest memory more than one person, whether family or friend, has called me a “dreamer.” Even as a small child, I was aware that their statements were meant to detract from the merit of my desires and dreams. As a young adolescent and new convert to Christ, I realized it was God who gives us our ability to desire and dream.

When it comes to our dreams be joyfully expectant of and take heed – in other words pay attention to God’s Word and not the whispers of naysayer’s. As the Psalmist says, the Lord gives us our heart’s desires. Notice the word “give” in the verse. God causes the alignment of our desires. If we can dream it…God can surely do it. Also, notice the word desire is plural. God is the Giver of abundant desires. It is God who places right desires in our hearts and then in His perfect timing He aligns the right people, places and things so those desires come to fruition. So based on God’s Word…from one dreamer to another dreamer…DREAM BIG!!!

“Father, we praise You for Your giving heart, which allows us to dream and desire. We thank You for Your mighty ability that orchestrates our dreams and desires to manifest on our behalf.”

For His Glory

Kim Lacey Schock(
TRBC Women’s Life

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